Welcome to my software pages. All of my applications are free software with an Open Source license. You can find them on my GitHub and OpenHub pages.

I really look forward to your comments – be it praise, ideas or problems…

Audio plug-ins (VST, LV2 and Faust)

  • Released Squeezer is a flexible general-purpose compressor.

  • Released K-Meter is an implementation of a K-System meter according to Bob Katz’ specifications.

  • Released traKmeter is a loudness meter for correctly setting up tracking and mixing levels.

  • Released Screamer provides mathematical distortion and signal mangling.

Audio DSP development

  • Released ProtoFaust allows DSP prototyping for VCV Rack using the Faust language.

System tools

  • Released MoccaFaux prevents the activation of screen savers and power-saving modes when certain conditions are met.

  • Released appari-fish stores directory bookmarks in the Fish Shell with comprehensive tab completion.

  • Unreleased Lalikan is a backup scheduler for Disk ARchive (DAR).


Here is the GnuPG key I have used for signing my repositories. In case you want to contact me, please use either the key’s email address or the one on my website.